SEC Football is the Best -- There is No Debate

by Dawg47

Honestly there is no debate.

Look at the "Best Players" in the land (Heisman Winners), Eddie George-Lost to Tennessee, Ron Dayne-Lost to Georgia, Troy Smith-Lost to Florida. Herschal Walker-Lost to Penn St. (Not Big 10 at the time) so disqualified. Tim Tebow-Lost to Michigan (Side Note: Tebow was broke up during conference play before he ever saw a Michigan defender).

So the team with the best player in the land when faced with a SEC/Big 10 match-up in the bowl game couldn't pull it off, even worse in the case of George, Dayne and Smith they had dismal performances.

I am not a blind SEC fan nor arrogant, I just see the differences in the teams on the field. There used to be a Size (Big 10) vs Speed (SEC) debate, that is gone.

The SEC now has Size and Speed to trump the Big 10's size. I understand being a fan for your team and conference but be realistic, There is no competition, and there will not even be a consideration from me until the Big 10 picks up a championship game like the rest of the legitimate conferences.

Make it through your schedule then play the other best team in your conference before talking about how good either the Big 10 or the PAC 10 is!

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