SEC Fans: Other Conferences Deserve Respect Too!

by Mike

Good posting. Bottom line, each conference has 'regional ' support by their fans, that's the way it is, and is good for the sport.

OK, so the Big East has a better overall record than the SEC. I do not think they match up nowadays. The Big East losing some of their teams to the ACC was detrimental to the Big East. It would not be difficult to argue the Big East was a top football conference(early-mid 90's) Pitt, Syracuse, BC, West Virginia, Miami, VT. Those teams back in the 90's were fantastic, and yes, they would go on the road and destroy most teams they played.

Those days are no longer, although I do think they currently have 3-4 very good teams.
Every major conference does. Big Ten, Big 12, ACC, SEC, Big East.

No, Ohio State can't win the big one, poor results vs SEC especially, but folks seem to forget that Michigan handed it to highly regarded Florida last year. Proves my point, a 3rd place Big Ten can play w/ the 3-4 team in the SEC.

LSU deserved the title no doubt, perhaps no one could beat them last yr. I do think the computers did get the match up correct. SEC fans of those 5th place and below teams; Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, etc....answer this. Would you have wanted to play Missouri, Kansas, West Virginia, even VT last yr?

You might have said yes, but perhaps would not have liked the result.

I guess my point is I am tired of hearing the old addage that any other team from any other conf would not even have a winning season in the SEC. Kind of hard to defend that argument when West Virginia destroys Miss State, or Auburn loses to USF, or Florida loses to Michigan.

Heck, 2 years ago a mediocre Oklahoma State beat Alabama. The other conferences respect the top SEC teams, the SEC should respect the tops from the others.

Oh yeah, Penn State is my team but will watch any college game. Cheers.

Editor's Note: Good points Mike. And, that's what makes college football the greatest sport on earth. You never know for sure what will happen in any given game. But, IMO, however you stack it -- top to bottom, only top, only middle, only bottom -- the SEC is the top football conference -- no matter how you look at it. Doesn't mean no one else is good; they are. But, the SEC is the best! That's all I'm saying. You probably agree actually. Cheers.

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Aug 19, 2008
by: Anonymous

Yeah, I agree.....when I cheer SEC, I say go BAMA!

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