SEC Fans can’t read!

by Matt
(Columbus, Ohio)

First of all Mark was saying that the pro talent is averaged per team and the big ten is winning. The SEC has one more school then the Big Ten does. Give the Big Ten one more school and they would only need 25 pro players to be beating the SEC.

As for all the loses to SEC teams by OSU, first off you cant count the “Cooper years” this was a bad time for OSU. Second, Mark was saying that those years OSU teams were worse. OSU teams were 3,4 or 5 loss teams going against undefeated or 1 loss SEC schools, with the exception of the recent national title games.

For all of you talking about OSU playing weak schedules against weak opponents. The year we played Florida in the BCS title game we beat Texas to get there. The following year Michigan beat Florida, but the Big Ten sucks? Last year and this coming year we play USC. Is USC a weak opponent too?

For the SEC, what about Florida’s 2008 loss to 8-4 Mississippi? Florida won the BCS title this year and nobody says anything about that loss.

Both of Florida’s Titles were from 1 loss seasons, however, OSU’s 2002 title was from a 14-0 season.

The last thing I would like to say is to respond to a quote “All I know is, I can't stand how OSU gets into the BCS championship every single year”. Simple answer here, we don’t! Get your facts right.

We have been to the BCS championship game 3 times in the last 10 years. Our combined regular season record into those games was 36-1, that’s why we were there. So we lost two BCS titles in a row, it sucks.

The one thing I can’t stand is Oklahoma is the only school to loose three BCS national titles now and nobody says anything about them!

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