SEC Dead Last In Graduation Rates

Here you go SEC boosters. You rank dead last in graduation rates of all the major conferences. Add this with the SEC habit of oversigning recruits then dumping them, and it gives you the real picture of the SEC:

winning by oversigning and not caring about student graduation rates. Pretty sad.

The average GSR scores of the six BCS conferences:

1. ACC........72.3
2. Big East...67.4
3. Big Ten....66
4. Big 12.....63.2
5. Pac-10.....61.3
6. SEC.........60.5

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Dec 04, 2011
who cares?
by: M Slay

This is a post about SEC sports. Not Losers cry about what the can and try to put down the SEC. Has anyone ever thought to look at the real stats on "over signing"? It gives kids a chance that would otherwise not get any chance at all. You talk about graduation rate. Sorry to inform you, but there are many kids (people) that do not have the ability to graduate college the way it works. So does that mean we are to just throw them under the bus? If they are good athletes and have a chance at something in life besides digging ditches! This same kind of elleitest thinking is what has put our country in the shape it is. You'll have to forgive my spelling, I wasn't smart enough to graduate college. I am however retired at 51 and worth about 5 million. I have also paid about 7 million in taxes in my life. I wonder how that compares me to the average college graduate.

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