SEC Baseball is Over-Hyped

by Darryn Rehart
(LAs Vegas)

Wow. How selective. Let's see, We'll pick a year and from that point we'll come up with the statistics that make us look the best.

Please now. You've had one team (LSU) have a great run in a short period of time. Take away LSU and the numbers don't look impressive at all. In fact, use numbers that tell the whole story and the history of the sport.

The SEC is been an ok conf and at times a good conf. That's it. That's the facts. Spin the numbers however you want. The SEC can't even shine the shoes of the PAC-10 and West Coast when it comes to dominating a sport. You're using since 1990. What's that?

Should I just pick a brief window and use that. The window is the totality of the history and the SEC has a fraction of the NCAA Championships the PAC-10 and the West Coast does. The amount of teams in the Tourney is ridiculous since the SEC is larger than the PAC-10 (9 teams).

The SEC year in year out gets in 2-3 teams that don't belong that fall flat on their face. Speaking of that, This years 9 teams are already down to 2 in just the first weekend with Georgia needing to win just to get to the super regional with LSU.

Not a very impressive weekend once again wouldn't you say, and as usual the West coast playing in tougher regionals beating up on each other yet it looks like it'll come down to the West getting another four teams at least into the CWS just like last year and so many others.

Spout your "Spin" somewhere else. Like with softball, The SEC overhyped and lots of teams getting in but none at the finish line. Been this way most of the past thirty years.

Editor's Note: Thanks Darryn. Sounds like your real "beef" is with the NCAA picking 9 SEC baseball teams for the Tourney. Are they not objective?

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Jun 26, 2008
Darryn's fired up
by: Jim


Darryn does make some valid points (strongly!) that I was going to point out on my posting last night (Pac 10 v SEC Baseball). True, it is not the SEC's fault for how the NCAA selection Committee selects teams to participate in the NCAA Tournament. However, the SEC is a bigger conference than the Pac 10 (Pac 10 only has 9 teams) and the SEC draws strong support from the NCAA because of their fan base (which is incredible and the NCAA always looks at dollar signs!).

If you noticed how the SEC teams were paired in the Regionals, you will notice that none of them are paired together. Also, as you stated on your own site, 7 of the 9 SEC teams were knocked out early in the regionals (It should be noted that Arkansas and Kentucky were eliminated by Stanfod and Arizona) with only UGA and LSU advancing. And really look hard at LSU and UGA's Regional competition? Come on, they weren't tough regionals for UGA and LSU (and no one is arguing that UGA and LSU aren't good programs).

The Pac 10 and California teams were (and are historically) paired together causing them to knock each other out early. Fresno of all programs, was in the toughest regional (LB State, U. San Diego, U Cal) rated by ESPN. However, three out of the five Pac 10 teams including 3 California teams made the Super Regionals.

Once again in the super regionals Califonia and Pac 10 teams knocked each other out (ASU/Fresno St. and Stanford/Cal State Fullerton) while Arizona (.500 in the Pac-10) got stuck playing #1 Miami (took them to three tough games) and UC Irvine had to go on the road to play LSU taking LSU to three.

Just adding some spice to these debates. Later.

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