Rushing to Southeastern Conference vs Big Ten Conclusions

by Matt Burgei
(Columbus, Ohio)

I think it is stupid and ignorant to say that one game (Ohio State vs. Florida) can make an entire conference is awful.

When two powerhouse conferences get together you don't know who is going to win because there both great conferences and maybe in one year one conference might win all the games or whatever but over time its going to way itself out to about even because there both great conferences with a lot of tradition. Like SEC and Big Ten (about 50% winning percentage in the last 5 years and about 50% winning percentage throughout the years).

Its like flipping a coin, you might flip tails 8 out of 10 tries but it doesn't mean tails is better than head, its just the luck of the draw. Over time it will match up to around 50% each, just like when two great conferences get together. Last year the Buckeyes came into the game thinking someone was just going to hand them a trophy and Florida came in hungry and Florida just wanted it more.

Michigan and Ohio State were both thinking how great (OSU) or disappointing(MU) that game was against each other and not about the next opponent and both got there *** kicked.

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