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To some people, March is simply another month of the year. To many people, it is the time for March Madness - the biggest college basketball tournaments to start for both men and women. These athletes have worked long difficult hours and trained both on their own and with their teammates to improve their skill. Of course, basketball players are not the only ones that work hard; football, baseball, track and field are just a few sports that require a great amount of time and hard work devoted to the sports in order to get great results.

With all these amazing athletes with such incredible talent and strength, you may discover your kids are not only watching every single video about their hero but have now signed up for the team at school. All they need to bring is their own gear. No problem, you might think, until you get to the store and see all of the products with all the prices. Besides the colors, the products may look the same, which begs the question, "What is this? Why do I need it? "It can be frustrating, but if it means your kids find a passion for sports this way, do you give up in the store?

While athletic clothing can look like there's nothing very special to it, more research has been going into fitness wear for far more than fashion alone. The big goal in making clothes, shoes, pants, and leggings is to keep the performers safe as they build up their strength and flexibility. For example, shoe inserts, also known as orthotics, can be used every day to keep the ankles in the proper position as athletes are out training or while playing a game. These orthotics are also a great way to help an athlete completely recover and get back in the game with a smoother transition. Injuries are an unfortunate reality in any sport, so having something to help smooth out the overall recovery process so playing feels natural is a major plus.

Safety and support are not the only ways fitness apparel has been changing to be a greater asset to the performers wearing them. An amazing amount of research has been going into the very fabrics that make up better tops and bottoms depending on what people are looking for in their outfits. Shirts made of cotton are less likely to smell but are more likely to absorb rain and sweat which adds weight to your overall exercise. Polyester on the other hand does not absorb water but it is more likely to hold odor. Bamboo is another option to try in clothing, which is lightweight, breathable, soft and capable of regulating your temperature during your workout. It is receiving some high praise for now, and with the heat of the summer months coming up quickly an ensemble that can regulate temperature seems like a great idea.

There are more than just the physical attributes that the outfits themselves are providing to you. Every time you get up and get ready for the day your mind will feel more confident if you are dressed for work. The same principle is true for athletics as well; the more professional or uniform your outfit is overall, the better you can perform: It is called,"enclothed cognition". It can seem insignificant, but it is just as important to the overall fitness process. After all, if you are mentally out of it, how do you think you will do during training sessions? If dressing a certain way kick starts your mind into the best mindset for exercise, why not go for it with all you have?

With so much information out there, athletes will be able to choose from the styles that work best for them while parents are looking for a good place to start their kids hopefully now understanding all that goes into it.

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