PAC 10 more than Worthy

by Angelo Jones
(San Diego, Ca)

I have been having this debate for over 20 years.. PAC-10 or SEC.. where do I begin...

Let's start with the almighty SEC (chuckles). Why does a Conference need to split into two divisions North and South. We will take a by the numbers approach. 12 Team in the SEC. When you split 12 in half you have two groups of 6. Now the SEC is only playing 5 Conference games until SEC Title game. only three teams (at best) in each division can be called a quality or top tier team. That accounts for five games..

now the SEC schedules powder puff non-conference games to pad their stats and get style points for beating an Ivy League team or a Sunbelt Conference team. Who does that? The SEC that's who.

When was the last time anyone was scared to play Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mississippi and Mississippi State or even Arkansas in a game of Football? I just wiped out half of the SEC power house Conference. Now these programs make up some of the elite basketball teams of America but Football... I don't think so.

Let's talk PAC-10.. when PAC-10 is mentioned people only think of USC Trojans. Now let's take a look at this conference. 10 teams they play everyone in the conference, USC has a yearly date with OHIO State and Notre Dame. Always facing a dangerous and usually ranked Cal, UCLA, Oregon a nd Oregon State team. That is already five games that will be played against nationally ranked teams year in and year out. They also play every team in their conference. Being a Conference Champion usually means you have beaten everyone in your conference, not half!

Since the late 1860s Ivy League Schools like Yale, Princeton and Harvard won NCAA National titles. In 1901 Michigan broke into the 'Ship with a win over Stanford. Pac-10 first 'ship was in 1920 five years before the SECs first 'ship.

Overall the PAC 10 has won 15 National Championships to spread over five teams and the SEC has won 17 spread over five teams also. The difference is that the PAC 10 does split it Conference to dilute the talent pool.

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Jul 28, 2010
great stats
by: j. amador

i have to agree with several points you made. the first being the cream puffs that the SEC schedules year in and year out. the second point is how is a team conference champions when they play less than half of the conference teams? what a joke. as a whole the SEC has a losing record against USC (including 2 wins by Tulane in the in the 20s)the SEC has looked pathetic against USC this first decade against them. just ask Auburn and especialy ask Arkansas.

Sep 24, 2010
Dont know what your talking about
by: Anonymous

Actually, you might want to look into what your talking about. The SEC does not play "half" of its conference. I'll start from scratch. There is the east and the west and each has six teams..of course, your right there. Where you are wrong is, the east doesnt only play the east and west only the west..that is a remedial statement and you obviously have never watched an SEC game. The East plays every team in the east and then rotates two teams from the west every year and is fixed with one rivalry matchup from the west. To make this look more simple to you. Florida will play 5 SEC east teams, two teams on rotation from the West, and are fixed playing LSU every year. P.S the PAC-10..I wouldnt brag about playing Notre Dame, they haven't been relevant in well over a decade. I dont even remember what other statistics you said but your conference ranks def behind the big 12 and i'll throw the big 10 in there as well. Also, when has anyone been scared to play Arkansas, they are a consistent top 25 team. Vandy, Miss. St are probably the conferences two worst teams. UK has been to 4 straight bowls. And I have to ask, does the PAC-10 even have a conf. championship game if you dont have divisions? Would make it alot easier to get into a big bowl.

Dec 23, 2012
by: Mjg

sec never plays PAC 12... PAC 12 would crush the sec if each team went head to head! NFL rosters are filled with California products. Top to bottom PAC 12 beats Sec every year.. Do you really believe Alabama could beat Oregon? If so you should slow down on that moonshine hillbilly!

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