One-sided article

by Jeff R

If the SEC was so tough in 2006, then why did the big 10 go 2-1 against the sec in head to head bowl games? Big 10 #3 Wisconsin beat sec #2 Arkansas. Also, Penn St beat Tennessee. Not sure of the conference rankings of those two teams, but they are definitely close. I guess the sec's overhyped in-conference schedule strength couldn't prepare arkansas and tenn for the underhyped in-conference schedule strength of the big 10.

One word for that florida victory over OSU in the nc game: FLUKE. All the chaos going on with the buckeyes during that 54 day layoff flattened them, and to their discredit they didn't get themselves pumped up enough for the game due to a little cockiness and a little locker room tension. Florida on the other hand, took the fuel of being a 10 1/2 pt underdog and turned it into amped up emotions. Play the game during the reg season, and there would have been a completely different football game. A very close, good game that probably could have gone either way. Just compare the reg seasons of the two teams. OSU beat two different #2 teams in the country, and 3 other ranked teams. Florida nearly lost three additional games including to lowly, jay cutler-less vandy, and SHOULD have lost to south carolina had their kicker known how to make a couple of pat's and a short field goal!

Both sides of the story would be nice...but of course i do understand this site is biased to the sec.

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Nov 30, 2010
Slow Ten
by: Anonymous

**** the Slow Ten!!!

Dec 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

ingenious point made by the typical sports fan who doesn't understand the classic "15 minutes of fame" slogan. the big ten awakened in the 2009/10 bowl season and carried that momentum into this regular season. florida dropped off the planet after the near one man show of tim tebow graduated. with the addition of a rejuvenated nebraska next year, look for the big ten to challenge the sec for premiere conference.

always remember your history as well...the big ten was the first football conference to form, originating even before the ncaa itself. it formed as a way to bring some ethics to collegiate sports so that pro athletes aren't playing in college games, athletes aren't playing for more than 4 years, and athletes aren't playing one sport at one school then going to another school to play a different sport in same year. in fact the ncaa used a great number of the big tens rules when it formed.

that is the big ten. it is fact and that tradition lives on and can never be taken away.

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