Oklahoma, Nebraska and Ohio State All Contenders for Best All-Time College Football Program

by Peter Brumbaugh
(Bronxville, New York, USA)

Oklahoma, Nebraska and Ohio State also should be considered as candidates for the Best All Time College Football Program.

Ohio State actually has more all-time wins than Alabama and has a higher winning percentage. They have a bigger stadium, bigger fan base and bigger attendance. they have more All-Americans, NFL alumni and more first round picks than Alabama and are second to only USC in these categories. Ohio State is also tied with USC and Notre Dame in Heisman Trophies. While Ohio State has 7 National Titles, they have played for the national tile and lost 7 different occasions, four of which were extremely close games.

Like Ohio State, Nebraska has a better all time winning record than Alabama. They have 5 national championships, but would have had more had it not been for oklahoma. Nebraska has been sold out since the early 1960s. They also have more All-Americans and Heisman winners. Like Ohio State and Michigan, nebraska's rivalry with Oklahoma was more significant in the national view and the national championship race in the past 40 years.

Finally, like Ohio State, Nebraska has a history of racial tolerance and inclusion going back to the Bill Willis, the first African-American NFL Hall of Famer, who played for Paul Brown's first Ohio State National championship team. Nebraska featured black players at every position for decades including quarterback. It is a proud tradition that contrasts sharply with Alabama's history of intolerance.

Oklahoma might have the best claim to best program in the modern era. If Michigan has the most victories overall and the most national championships in the pre-AP era, then Oaklahoma would be the best or tied with USC and Notre Dame in the AP era.

Please try to be less biased and more objective on your site and respect the "non-southern" tradition. It is also important to come to terms with some of the negative legacies such as racism, paying of players, NCAA violations and probations that have disproportionally been a part of the SEC and SWC for decades.

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Feb 21, 2011
The greatest buckeye
by: Magumba Jones

I was surprised to see that this commentator, despite his deep knowledge of Ohio State football, failed to mention the greatest Ohio State football player of all time. True Ohio state fans will of course know to whom I am referring - the great and as yet unsurpassed Standish Long. Standish Long (known as Miles to his friends in reference to the famous explorer Miles Standish) was the greatest football player in Buckeye history. Miles played both ways. As a running back, he averaged an astounding 25 yards per carry in a four-year career where he carried the ball more than 1500 times per season. And as a linebacker, he not only averaged 37 sacks per season, he had 312 interceptions during his collegiate career.

Miles astounding career is little known today for one reason: immediately after leaving OSU Long was recruited into the black ops department of the CIA. He rose so high in the clandestine services that the Agency systematically erased all records of his football career for his, and the country's, safety. But true Buckeye fans know the real story-the greatest football player who ever lived was a Buckeye. And his name was long. Miles Long.

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