Ohio State Buckeye's vs SEC

by charles
(washington dc)

If my memory serve's me rightthe SEC is 1-8-1 vs THE OHIO STATE BUCKEYE'S in regular season play and 0-9 in bowl game's. And yes i would love to see the south travel north for a championship game it would be so much to fight for like they do down south.................

Editor's Note: Charles -- sorry, but you've got it reversed. OSU is 0-9 vs the SEC in bowl games. A truly incredible statistic. I'm not sure about the regular season Ohio State vs. SEC record, but I think it is in the article or in one of the submissions below. I don't think OSU has a winning record vs the SEC in any category.

But, I also would love to see more Big Ten vs SEC matchups at each other's home stadiums. Would be great for the fans. Tough for the coaches. But, every one of those would be the ESPN game of the week!

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May 27, 2008
Ohio State's record vs the SEC
by: Jeff

Ohio State is 3-1-1 against the SEC in the regular season and they are 7-2-2 against the current membership of the conference outside of bowls. They are 3-0 at home against the historical membership.

Aug 05, 2009
LOL OSU Weak vs SEC Even in Regular Season
by: Go Gamecocks

If my memory serves me right, General Custer is 47-0 against the Sioux at Little Bighorn, and the Mexican Army is 1-26 against DAVEY CROCKETT at the Alamo.

You must not have actually watched many Buckeye bowl games. They've managed to lose four games to three different SEC opponents (South Carolina, LSU, and Florida) this decade alone.

Ohio State is 6-1 against Vandy and Kentucky. While those are middle of the pack programs in the Big Ten, they are the 98 pound weaklings of the SEC. In school history, the Buckeyes are 1-10-2 against the rest of the conference, bowls or otherwise.


Dec 05, 2010
by: bob

Ohio State Total Record VS SEC 7-11-2

Ohio State VS SEC in Bowl Games 0-9

Ohio State VS Kentucky and Vanderbilt 6-1
Kentucky and Vanderbilt are the SEC punching bags. They are terrible every season.

Ohio State vs Alabama Record: 0-3-0
01-02-1978 New Orleans, LA 6-35 Sugar Bowl
08-27-1986 East Rutherford, NJ 10-16 Kickoff Classic
01-02-1995 Orlando, FL 17-24 Florida Citrus Bowl

Ohio State vs Auburn (AL) Record: 0-1-1
11-24-1917 Montgomery, AL 0-0
01-01-1990 Tampa, FL 14-31 Hall of Fame Bowl

Ohio State vs Florida Record: 0-1-0
01-08-2007 Glendale, AZ 14-41 BCS Championship Game

Ohio State vs Georgia Record: 0-1-0
01-01-1993 Orlando, FL 14-21 Florida Citrus Bowl

Ohio State vs Kentucky Record: 3-0-0
11-15-1895 Lexington, KY 8-6
10-18-1919 Columbus, OH 49-0
10-05-1935 Columbus, OH 19-6

Ohio State vs Louisiana St. (LSU) Record: 1-1-1
09-26-1987 Baton Rouge, LA 13-13
09-24-1988 Columbus, OH 36-33
01-07-2008 New Orleans, LA 24-38 BCS Championship Game

Ohio State vs South Carolina Record: 0-2-0
01-01-2001 Tampa, FL 7-24 Outback Bowl
01-01-2002 Tampa, FL 28-31 Outback Bowl

Ohio State vs Tennessee Record: 0-1-0
01-01-1996 Orlando, FL 14-20 Florida Citrus Bowl

Ohio State vs Vanderbilt (TN) Record: 3-1-0
11-14-1908 Nashville, TN 17-6
11-13-1909 Columbus, OH 5-0
10-10-1931 Columbus, OH 21-26
10-14-1933 Columbus, OH 20-0


Jan 05, 2012
by: Tim

The two conferences are solid and it is good for the Big Ten to match up with the SEC in bowl games. The Big Ten does need a reform but it will come. There are trends and a new era is coming. SEC fnas are to arrogant for it not to come and then the excuses will come again.

Nov 09, 2014
Forgotten SEC teams
by: Anonymous

You all have conveniently left out games won against Texas am and Missouri.

Nov 09, 2014
Forgotten SEC teams
by: Anonymous

You all have conveniently left out games won against Texas am and Missouri.

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