NOT SO FAST -- The Big Ten Can "Hang" with the SEC!

by eddie
(kennesaw ga)

I live in georgia, but am from Ohio. I love the Buckeyes; and, I am always defending the Big Ten.

However, I always agree with the statement" the sec is the best football conference in america." but what i will not agree with is that "the big ten cant hang in the sec." untrue. in 2006, our "average" teams, penn st. and wisconsin, beat the number two team in the sec in arkansas, and tennessee, a top five sec team every year.

So to say that they cant "HANG" is an embarrassing comment. the big ten was 2-1 last year against the sec in the bowl season. thank god we GOT to play the sec, other wise we had a losing bowl season.

Another comment i defend, "the sec has the BEST athletes." maybe so. i look at the word "best" and get confused. i just believe that the coaching is better in the sec. same talent(look at the nfl), better coaching.

in the nfl.. you have mostly big ten and sec.. some pac ten and big 12, but its pretty even. whenever the sec has a big draft day, i never hear the end of it...but in 2006 ohio state had 4 or 5 first rounders! the big ten dominated that draft.

but in 07, there was so much hype about the sec's draft day that they try and justify the whole conference being "better".

i watched the Georgia-Oklahoma State game and there were fans that on their back s it spelled out HA HA MICHIGAN. what happens if georgia loses to mich in the outback bowl. that would be hilarious.

people say they are faster stronger bigger in the sec. untrue. look at the combines. do people really just think that the top 5 in 40 times, bench press, and agility tests are all from the sec. please.

Also , id like to point out that the big ten has tons of money. the big ten network. a national television program. alum that goes back to when they truely dominated and then some.

and honestly , wealthier locations. alabama and mississippi are literally the country's worst places to live. economically and socially and whatever else was listed above. louisiana,? are you kidding. south carolina? tennesee? terrible economics.

georgia and florida are the only states with sec schools in them that you can say that they are "sociologically and economically" on the up and up. what a ridiculous statement that that person said. wow.

i will close by saying that there are more top- notch matchups in the sec week in and week out. even i hate watching purdue vs. northwestern. please. but georgia vs. auburn , florida, tennessee, south carolina, . or lsu vs arkansas tenn, aub. alabama. there is always a good game on, and for that i will say the sec is a better football conference.

But always remember the most recent matchups. Penn State and Wisconsin last year proved the Big Ten can definitely "hang with the SEC.

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Nov 01, 2007
Southern states on the economic incline..
by: Anonymous

How are Southern states not on the economic up and up? Please explain?

Have you seen the amount of investment and jobs that have poured into all those states you just said have terrible economics?

The South is growing and The North is declining. Sun Belt vs the Rust Belt. And I am from up north before you call me some redneck homer.

Billions of dollars of investments are coming into each and every Southern state every year. The same cannot be said for Northern states.

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