Not Buying the SEC Has Home Field Advantage in Bowls Argument

by Jimmy

whats with this business of going to play in the north.

how long have you been playing in these bowls? honestly. you're going to bring this up NOW?

Did the Rose Bowl move down from Wisconsin some years ago?

you're going to say that Michigan is so tough to play at home yet Ohio State beat them there. what makes you think it'd be so much a percentage change if an equally good team as ohio state went there.

wait, you'll say it will be different because no team is as good as OSU right? but remember Illinois beat Ohio St at home. So, what is this home field advantage argument. it isn't clicking in my head. say "its like a home game for them, its unfair."

kind of weak.

what happened last year when Ohio St. had a major advantage in fans to Florida in last years National Championship?

no one complained then.

no one complained about Michigan going into California last year did they?

was it cause you thought you were going to beat a USC team that lost to UCLA?

but this year....yeah, too much home support again?

this is what gets me though, Michigan wins against Florida IN Florida?


just food for thought.

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Dec 29, 2010
15 degrees and a frozen field with 30 mph winds
by: Anonymous

The difference is 15 degrees, windchill about 1degree. 30mph winds and a frozen field=
1. No grip for making cuts
2. Cant throw the ball effectively
3. Your freezing your butt off
4. SEC teams have never seen or been into these conditions
5. Home field advantage!
6. Speed doesnt count for much in these conditions

This is why alot of big ten teams are, well, big. The O-lines have to be big and physical because running the ball is at a premium in those conditions. The Big Ten has had to make adjustments to compete in the big ten but also be able to compete with the rest of the college world who dont play in those type of conditions. We have to recruit speed for when we play in nicer weather.
Honestly, ask yourself this.
If in 2006, when LSU beat OSU in the NC game in LSU's backyard, if that game where held in say, Cleveland ohio, with the lake winds, temp about 5 degrees, snowy, cold frozen field, would LSU have held up? Honestly? What would those LSU players done when for the first time in there lives they were subjected to those environments?
Remember in the past when the Tampa BAy buccs had to go to GreenBay and lost repeatedly against the Pack? Most of that was cold weather issues. They werent ready for that. AND those were Pro players.

Nov 29, 2011

Im so glad you brought that up!!!! because I just watched my tampa bay buccaneers play green bays unstoppable offense....while tampa bay still lost 35-26, josh freeman threw for his most of
fensive yardage this year

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