Northern SEC Fan

by C S
(South Bend IN USA)

I grew up in northern Indiana. I spent ten years in the south and I realized why the SEC is so supperior as a conference. Here are the four main reasons:

1. Sec fans vs Big Ten fans Sec fans are a fan of the SEC they want any SEC team to win against any opponent if they are not an SEC school very few Big 10 fans are like that they think "their" team is the only good team in the conference.

2. The SEC is built on defense. This is why Ole miss can beat Florida or Vanderbilt can beat Auburn. The Big Ten is defenseless.

3. The big Ten has 3 or 4 good teams (i.e. mich, osu, psu, msu maybe) The SEC is stacked with teams like tennesse, auburn alabama, georgia, lsu, florida. Even their bad teams are good ole miss, arkansas, usc. Compared to the 2nd teir of the big ten iowa, wisc, purdue, minn???.

4. The SEC beats the snot out of each other every year. its alot harder to go 11-1 win you have to play florida, lsu and alabama every year. Unlike the big ten where you only have to beat one or two good teams to go 11-1.

Both conferences have a storied tradition and any fan can have an argument that their conferance is better. So there is no clear winner in this Big Ten vs The SEC.

This site uses the 1932 as a starting point but ever Big Ten fan that puts a thread on here want to start count wins or NCs when the Big Ten was formed is that fair? NO! You can't compare anything if there is not a defined starting point, So I would say Big Ten you win if you use 1896. But Y'all have to be realistic and say the SEC wins if you use 1932.

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