by nathan
(acworth ga.)

I know all too well sec and big ten being a buckeye fan. And also about all the controversy with the BCS. To me it is a simple fix. There are 6 conferences that make up the BCS Sec,Pac 10,Big 12,Big 10,Big east,and the ACC.(In my opinion that is all that counts. Sorry Utah,Boise, and Blah Blah Blah...)

Now on to my master plan. First you need to rank the conferences, you can do this by the last 5 bowl season records. In which i will have to give credit to the sec, which would be #1 followed by the big east#2
pac 10 #3
big12 #4
big10 #5 in which they do need to get better.
acc #6

you can argue these rankings as well as anything else but you have to start somewhere.

Now to the second part these 6 conferences need to quit playing these teams like toledo, ulm, furman, charleston, you all get my point every team does this. Each team in these 6 conferences would need to schedule only 2 games against one of these 6, 1 home game and 1 away game. (for example Ohio State should have played pac10 home, Sec away. Florida should have played Pac 10 home, big10 away. etc. with all the schools following this example).

This still leaves each school to schedule their weak schools to beat up on, before they play conference schedule.

Now you have head to head matchups between all the confereneces. You would be able to have a bcs ranking system that would give you a clear and accurate idea who is #1 and #2 for the championship.

Also it would make for better bowl games in January. (which are the only bowl games that count). You wouldn't need a playoff, and each bowl game would be much more enjoyable.

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