Multiplier Underweights Football


Reading your site – MAN do you have a lot of content. I came across your ranking of all major conferences in all sports. That was fine as you used a multiplier: 3 = Football; 2 = Basketball, etc, etc. It’s your site and you can use whatever multiplier you like. But, I would have enjoyed at least one box or list that just simply shows each conference and total national championships.

As far as multipliers, when you consider football attendance, media coverage, revenue and the like, football would be way more important than say, gymnastics or volleyball. 3 to 1 is too equal… more accurate would be 10 to 1 or even 25 to 1. That is, if you use a multiplier at all. Quite arbitrary in my opinion.

And, which poll did you use for the 1978 college football champion? That was the season…or was it ’79??.... No, I think it was ’78….when the two teams actually met on the field AT Alabama with USC winning and both went on to one loss seasons (USC’s loss coming at Arizona State) and ONE poll actually moved Alabama ahead of USC in the end.

I think AP had Alabama No. 1, with the coaches poll or/and UPI giving it to USC....

Which – to me — is only fair since, by chance, the two teams had played each other. Granted it was early – like week 2 or 3 of the season. But when the two teams actually have met, I think you have to give it to the winner of that match-up (when they end up with one loss each), especially when they won ON THE ROAD!

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Oct 25, 2008
You Are Right
by: Mo Johnson

I agree with you about the point system i picked for ranking the sports/best conference. it is arbitrary. but, i think certainly better than ranking them all evenly. but, you have a good point that if i'm gonna do that, football should probably be rated even heavier. problem with that is it's a bit of an insult to other sports. and, the bigger problem is that then, really, only football would matter since whichever conference was tops in football would almost always be tops overall.

Well, i guess maybe the pac 10 could still be up there if they were ranked #2 in football.

anyway, it's all just our opinion.

I like your idea of putting a chart up showing the number of total sports NCAA championships by conference. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that info summarized anywhere. If you find it, let me know and I'll put it up in a chart.

I suspect the Pac-10 has the most. But, that's because they participate in the most sports. Which is great, but again, due to the importance of football and basketball to college sports fans -- I would not rank the Pac-10 higher just because they won a bunch of championships in minor sports.

But, it is noteworthy.

Thanks again for your comments.

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