Most of SEC (Florida/Alabama) play VERY WEAK NON-Conf teams

by PACManStuckinNM
(Albuq NM)

SEC stats: 10 of 12 > 0.500 overall, 3 of 12 > 0.500 in conference (8 crappy teams in conference, 6 with 3 wins or less means 5-6 standouts, see matches bowl results)!

It's pretty easy to be 0.500 and get in a bowl when you always play 2-3 WEAK NON-Conf teams, and more than 1/2 your conference SUCKS (but hey SEC has "STRENGTH of SCHEDULE" - BS)!

BTW - SEC doesn't PLAY everyone else in SEC (PAC-10 does).

PAC-10 stats: 7 of 10 > 0.500 overall, 6 of 10 > 0.500 in conference (3-4 crappy teams, 3 with 3 wins or less)

3 WEAK Florida NON-conf wins: Charleston South., Troy, FIU (Sun Belt & Big South) – PATHETIC schedule/conf? Florida was 1-1 vs ranked Teams, and both were only SEC ranked teams, what a joke!

And the BIAS given to SEC due to large Fan base SHOULD have NOTHING to do with the team that SHOULD be in the TOP Bowls (otherwise is ONLY about $$$, not who is the BEST)!

Why didn't the BCS (BS) stick with a 1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6? Is BCS/Florida/SEC AFRAID they might LOSE to TCU or BSU? (They sure are) Why not allow the EAST vs WEST Coast to happen and see?

PAC-10 played mostly MWC/WAC (East vs East and West vs West doesn't prove anyhting)!

SEC and East Coast are CHICKENS!!!

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