Miss. State Looked LIke Losers Again

by Roc-Dog -- (in da know)

Miss State looked like losers as usual tonight a real Barnum and Bailey circus act...bunch of clowns. Mullen is an idiot and that is the main reason Cam Newton went to a winning program instead of a baseball school. Whar a joke...

The Bulldogs embarrassed the SEC tonight..we looked like the futile Big Ten..no offense and Mullen is an offensive genius,,

the Tebow throw and miss was so embarrasing..it told the story that State can not and will never recruit top players,,sad...

If Jackie Sherill can't do it Mullen definitely can't do it..schedule State for all your homecoming games..what a bunch of losers..

Aubie gave em seven and the offensive genius only scored seven ...will not work in the SEC West baby I truly do not understand why LSU and BAMA are powerhouses to the East and Wst and Miss State and Ole Miss suck so very bad..fire the hell out of the coaches and start demanding competence not dropped passes and BS like we saw tonight...

even when they scored they fumbled and looked pathetic,,,,another sad year,,unbelievable!

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