Michigan Dominates SEC

by kevin -- energyblue1
(N KY)

just read your part on big 10 vs sec where you commented that the big ten's disproportionate advantage in wins the past 5 yrs were due to michigan beating vanderbilt a number of times.

Wrong, Michigan played Vanderbuilt once in 2006 and won, that is 1 game in the last 5 yrs and only 10 in michigan's history vs vandy all wins. But lets not stop there, michigan has a 23-5 record vs the sec, so lets not let facts get in the way of the statements of sec superiority.

Also, when talking about bowl games it is entertaining that sec fans say michigan simply "got up for florida", you realize michigan was a top 5 team preseason for good reason. Yes they lost to appyst, but florida was rolled by that same team that lost to appyst, or was it the same team.

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Aug 05, 2008
Michigan does not have a 23-5 record
by: Jeffrey

Michigan does not have a 23-5 record against the SEC. Where did that myth start and why won't it die?

Sep 10, 2010
Michigan dominance?
by: dechap

Being a Tennessee fan, I wouldn't know anything about Michigan's "dominance" over the SEC. We've only played them once, but I wasn't impressed. We didn't even really play that well for us compared to other games that year--crispness of execution, lack of mental mistakes, etc.--and still destroyed them 45-17. Also, Michigan has had a tendency to play certain SEC teams that were really kind of mediocre, but who overachieved to even GET INTO a bowl (Ole Miss first comes to mind); while Michigan should have really been in a better bowl, but underachieved (especially against Ohio State, LOL) and ended up in the crappier situation. Florida's kind of like that, too--mysteriously disappearing from certain other SEC teams' schedules when these respective teams were really good... but you can bank Florida was there when they had their best teams (recent history), and a lot of these other teams kind of sucked (for them) at the time. No conspiracy... just good scheduling luck for the loathsome Gators! Michigan is in that mold too, in my opinion--although I will always feel I owe them for beating Florida in that bowl game after 2007 (what a nice surprise that game was!). Quite frankly, although I don't care enough to look it up, I'm very skeptical of the record displayed here (Michigan vs. the SEC). But whatever, maybe it's accurate... but the PAC 10 has also pretty much owned the Big 10 in the Rose Bowl for... well forever, and I never really considered that a true indicator, either (I still think the Big 10 is, and was, better overall than the PAC 10). But the other conference fans are missing the real point: Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, etc. are all GREAT programs, and the best team in the country any given year can come from anywhere... but it's not about that. IT'S... ABOUT... PARITY. Look at how many DIFFERENT teams the SEC has sent to bowls that count and how many different teams from the SEC have won national championships. The SEC has had the most parity, period. How is it even debatable?

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