MegaBuck: SEC vs. Big Ten -- Bowl Games

by Craig

Don't forget most of the losses came in the Outback,Citrus and Gator Bowls. All in SEC country.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not a bad point -- but that's just where the bowl games are played. That's part of college football.

So, maybe it's just an advantage that the SEC has -- proximity to many bowl games. Of course other conferences (ACC, Pac-10) share the same advantage. Your point is similar to saying -- "don't forget that the weather in SEC country is better, so kids are able to play outside more, so they become better athletes." Well...yea, that's true. But, that's just the way it is.

Still, your point is worth thinking about. Thanks.

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Nov 06, 2007
SEC ..Better Weather Athletes
by: Anonymous

Better Athletes...due to the weather...Well then...Hawaii must be Numero Uno...Perhaps they are "better weather athletes"...just not "all weather athletes"...Let's see those "better athletes" come up north and play in the cold of our stadiums and on our home fields...Come on..You don't really believe that stuff..Do you???? So when you say these type of due to the weather you have better athletes...You must be joking...or they got you to drink a different color KoolAid ....Seems to me..when Fla St and Miami U were ruleing the College world...those SEC teams were just a few of their whipping boys ! Just remember PRIDE goes befor the fall...look at the Proud Buckeyes from last year. They are awful humble this year ...they just keep winning...and perhaps they will become the whipER instead of the whipEE...should they meet THE PROUD SEC representative this year..Time will tell.

Nov 15, 2007
Obviously it is!
by: Anonymous

Its very worth thinking about! Are you kidding, could you imagine an LSU or a Florida playing up here in Big Ten country in December, they would get smashed

Jan 04, 2008
Editor's response is a non-answer
by: Scott

Saying "that's just the way it is" is a non-response. This whole site is dedicated to the debate about which conference, i.e. which group of teams, is "better." When two teams play each other, weighing where a game is played (along with the result) is always part of the debate about which team is really "better," in any sport, because everyone recognizes that home-field advantage sometimes helps a weaker team to defeat a stronger team. In college football especially, a road win is more impressive and convincing about which team is "better," than a home win.

Besides, I don't think you really mean to argue that the SEC is "better" than the Big Ten because they get more home games, or quasi-home games, at the end of the season. If that's what you do mean to argue, then hey, you SEC fans can have that argument!

Aug 29, 2014
C'mon Joker
by: Buckeye Proud

It's ignorant to think that kids playing outside more because of better weather makes for better athletes. The factor at play is semi-home field advantage and being prepared to play in that environment in December/January when the bowls are played. Vandy wouldn't even come to Columbus in September 2013, let alone an SEC school playing a home-and-home series with any evenly matched B1G team in/after the mid-point of the season. I'm sure all OSU fans and personnel would be very interested in meeting any of the premiere SEC teams for a late October/November series in the near future! Perhaps instead of the late season cupcakes, like LA-Monroe and Troy, the SEC schedules late in the year to get well the would like to meet up with the best of the B1G these last dozen years.

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