LSU vs Wisconsin

by Billy
(Baton Rouge, La. )

I am an LSU fan and I can remember just about all of the LSU vs Big Ten games.

I particularly remember the LSU vs Wisconsin game at Camp Randle Stadium back in 1972. Boy, what a name to put up when a team from the Deep South comes to play in the old Northern Prison where they mistreated Confederates so badly.

A local Sports Writer in Madison totally unfairly wrote an article that painted LSU with all of the Old South, Dixie, Confederacy, and Segregation stigmas he could think of.

He said things like you could almost hear Dixie as the Lilly White Tigers came out to play the vaunted Badgers. He said the Black Players on Wisconsin's team must have felt so bad knowing the LSU Players didn't think they were good enough to play for them.

It was unreal and ridiculous for someone to act that way, but LSU came out Victorious in Camp Randle Stadium and Bert Jones, the LSU QB went on to become an All-American. LSU had beaten Wisconsin handily in BR the year before when Rufus the Roadrunner Ferguson was playing for the Badgers.

LSU is undefeated against Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan State, and they are 1-1-1 against OSU. I don't recall LSU ever playing Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern and Minnesota. LSU was beaten in the last second by an LSU secondary coverage error and Iowa miracle pass victory in the Capital One Bowl of Nick Saban's last game.

Overall, the SEC has won the majority of the games, but we all acknowledge the Big 10 has great teams too, but they have never shown a willingness to play the SEC until recently. The Northern press has put the SEC down for years over Segregation (now SEC is about 60% or better Black) and the Big 10 is still predominately White. Where is the Hypocracy now?

I think the Big 10 has secretly feared the SEC until lately when we are now playing more. The Rose Bowl has protected the Big 10 and the Pac 10 through the years, while the SEC has played in all of the Bowls. I think it can be said the Rose Bowl has been unfair and sort of disrespectful to the SEC by denying them an opportunity to play.

Let the records speak for themselves.

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Oct 03, 2011
Is this really a debate?
by: Anonymous

I don't understand why anyone even asks the question, "is LSU better than Wisconsin?". Maybe we're just showing a little SEC brewed respect; but I'm sorry to say, LSU will stomp Wisconsin once they play (if it happens this season).

Yes, I'm an SEC fan. But, I'm also quite biased as I fully expect the Razorbacks to upset the Tigers once again. So from my perspective, Wisconsin has no chance against LSU, AL, FL, or AR. So, why are we even asking if Wisconsin is as good as LSU?

Oct 20, 2013
by: Zack (Janesville, WI)

I actually remember that day when LSU beats Wisconsin in 72. Also why you calling us a prison for? Only a few people say that. Also I don't think the Big 10 ain't afraid over the SEC. Yes the SEC has alot of good teams this year like Texas A&M, Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, etc, but that doesn't mean you can call us prisons.

I never saw the article, but if I would saw it, I would feel embarrassed, and I would write a report to the company about how disrespectful it was to LSU fans, and the state of WI.

I'm looking foward to the LSU vs Wisconsin game in 2014 @Houston and 2016 @Green Bay.

Dec 08, 2013
It's Camp Randall Stadium
by: Jeff

Not like Joseph Randle, who all of you LSU fans think is the right spelling.

Jul 02, 2014
get history right...
by: Dr Doo

First of all, the visit to Madison was 1971. Me and Ol Donnie drove 900 miles from NC to Madison in my 69' Camaro SS396. I sure miss that car. We had one ticket between us, a fact Donnie did not access until somewhere until Illinois. We arrived early in the dark am and thought we could use dorm facilities for a quick cleanup. However, some wierd group of the day had bombed the math lab (?) and the campus was on lockdown. While we waited for someone to "go in with" we listened to the radio as they played a tape of AD Crazy Legs Hirsch selling the last ticket to "Little Billy Hockenheimer" earlier the prior afternoon. "Bill-ee, with this ticket, this will be the largest crowd to ever see a sporting event in the state of Wisconcin". A place that had some pro team further north.
After we got cleaned up when "Fritz" opened the dorm door on his way to a 600am class, Ol Donnie and I stepped in with an excuse about losing our key.
Cleaned up, we headed to the student union ( I could still pass) and sought out tickets. Bulletin boards flashed signs about "Date with my sis and use of my Mustang for ticket to LSU game". Tough stuff to say the least. Finally, near game time we walked around the entire stadium with no luck...NADA. Suddenly, the sid for LSU walked over by the curb and held up 1 finger. "Donnie, he's not looking for a cab". Donnie checked him and came back to me with "he wants $8". We never checked the seats, but agreed we'd meet at the concession stand at half time. I sat down in a beautiful 40 yard line, 20 rows up seat(yeah, before TAF never heard of me) and was astonished when my friend came in the row in front of me, two seats to the left...out of 77200 people.
Bert Jones played well, but Paul Lyons came on that day to lead the Tigers to victory. 38-28..a score that was written in white on the flat black spoiler of the Camaro for the 900 miles back to NC.

Oh, and it an earlier post, someone mentioned the "social" geographic comments that dat. Despite being nice as I always promised my Mother, I got a double earful from the Badger fans. One I recallwas a woman behind me as we entered our gate. She exclaimed to her husband, "Oh dear, we're going to have to sit over here with all these....Southerners". Politlely I turned and responded,"Cheer up, some of IT may rub off on you..."

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