LSU Tigers Stationary and Salt and Pepper Shaker

by Romi

I liked this page on LSU Tigers gifts. I own one LSU paper clip holder that I love so much. I got that as a gift from a very close friend on my 23rd birthday. I could not find an exact image of it online but this one here

very closely resembles the paper clip holder I have. The only difference being mine is a little taller than this one but the looks are almost identical. Will try and get some photos across for you to have a look at.

Apart from the paper clip holder, I have owned, received and given a number of other stationary items that show my love for the Tigers. I remember sometime back I was toying around with some unique holiday gift ideas, for some friends when I came across this set of LSU Tigers curtains

I was impressed with it and so was my friend who received it. Whenever we meet up she makes sure she mentions this lovely gift item and how much she loves using it on her windows. Another cool gift idea that comes to my mind is a set of salt and pepper shaker that I brought for my sister on her house warming among other gifts. Here’s what it looks like:

This is one item that did not cost me a lot but got me the appreciation I’d expect from a thousand dollar product.

I have loved every moment of searching and buying gifts related to the LSU Tigers and when I came across this page while researching online I was pleasantly surprised to find something that facilitates exactly what I love doing.

Keep up the good work!

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