Look on the Bright Side

by Kory Kinslow
(Greenwood, Arkansas)

The frost is on the ground and the footballs are being tossed around the yard. It's almost bowl season once again. There have been so many wonderful stories in the SEC this season. We have had so many teams come from nowhere and gain national recognition. There has been so much too look forward to in the future. We have more teams in the top 25 than in recent history and not been suffering like the Big East.

The focus, unfortunately has been on Cam Newton and his supposed taking of money. Did he or didn't he? It never seems that Cam did anything. It seems his father did and that it was for churches. There are so many other negative things that are so much worse that we never hear about, yet we have FBI investigators on the case of a college football player.

I think we should all take a step back and look at the fact that it's all a game. It's a good game. It's a game that we should all enjoy and have fun with. Don't focus on the negative. Look to the greatness in the SEC this year.

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