location, location, location

by Scott
(Orlando, FL)

Curious if where games are played is taken into consideration. It seems that traditionally, Big Ten schools (and others) play SEC schools in the south. Proximity does matter.

It would be great to see more SEC schools play Big Ten schools in late October, early November up north. Some classic games in the NFL have been played in less than perfect weather. I would argue that is football weather. I would like to see a stat on where the games are played (statistically). Great site.

Editor's note: Thanks Scott. No doubt location matters. Playing in the Big House in December would likely be tougher on a southern team than in say, sunny Orlando. Not conceding the SEC team would lose, but it would be tougher, generally.

Still, I don't really agree with you that cold, snowy weather is true football weather. you and i might like it to be, but the truth is that those games are fewer and fewer. even up north, more and more domed stadiums are being built, etc.

and bowl games, well, they are played where they are played -- in nice, warm places. and that's the rules we all play by.

is it an advantage to sec teams (at least compared to the big ten)? sure. but, the big ten has a huge advantage in say, ice hockey.

anyway, i think we'd all love to see more big ten vs sec games during the season. tenn has a series coming up with osu. that'll be great. would love to have more of that. unfortunately, we just don't for various reasons.

i'm not sure if we have any stats on your issue. maybe; will have to check.

all the best

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