list of big ten schools with vs. sec results

Ohio St. 7-10
Mich 20-5
Mich St. 5-6
Indiana 26-21
Illinois 2-6
Minnesota 5-3
Wisconsin 4-8
Penn St. 16-6
Purdue 4-5
Iowa 4-3
Northwestern 2-5

That is 95-78 in favor of the Big Ten. Who's the better conference?

Editor's Note: Thanks for the info, as our page details, there are different ways to count the numbers. Can you tell us what years you are counting for which schools. And, who you are considering an "SEC" school? Is it historical conference affiliation; current affiliation? What?

Thanks again.

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Nov 29, 2012
Your Data is Wrong
by: Anonymous

Your data is wrong!!!!

PSU is 16-16 vs the SEC

Please show who Idiana beat 26 times also.

Jan 09, 2013
Interesting, but meaningless
by: Anonymous

Mere novelty. Even if numbers are accurate (though count me curious about Indiana's record), less than 200 random inter-conference games over history spanning 100+ years is meaningless.

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