Let's see......SEC softball is the best!!! Really?!?!?

by JMK
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

Every year is the same old thing!! The SEC is the strongest softball (even baseball) conference. But let's just stay with softball.

The SEC has yet to win a WCWS title and, even if they do win it this year, how in the world can you proclaim to be the best???? Win two in a row!!! Win two out of three!!

If the SEC wins it this year (and believe me, everything is being done to achieve it from ESPN to CBS coverage of the sport) how can the conference be the best?!?!?

The PAC10 (who actually fields only seven softball teams) is clearly the best and strongest softball conference!! I don't care if the SEC wins this year or not!!!! Hey southern folks, quit being in denial!!! If you want to be considered a credible conference, then call it as you see it!!! If the roles were reversed and it was the SEC teams winning 22 out of 29 WCWS, then I would understand. Hey, the Big 12 has won 3 WCWS. Even the Big 10 has won one and softball is not their strong point considering the weather!!!

It appears that only when an SEC team wins in the championship game, in any sport, it is then proclaimed "the best and strongest conference". When they lose in the championship game or don't even make it (like last year when UCLA and Arizona played for the title), that's when you don't hear anything more about it except the excuses!!!! Give me a break and just play the game!!

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