John Calipari Back To NBA?

by Brad Bell

Once again another major college coach is being mentioned for a professional coaching position. Former NBA coach and now University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari is being rumored to be in the running for a few NBA franchises head coaching positions in order to draw in superstar LeBron James. The question is, why leave a good thing for a potential disaster! Yes the NBA presents a greater challenge and the chance to "coach" the best athletes in the world, but u also take the chance of loosing ur job very quickly if u dont meet expectations seen through the eyes of owners and fans.

With Cals current situations he gets to groom boys into men which is very rewarding in its own aspect, but also has the potential to be a final four team every year with his top recruiting classes pouring in like kids at an amusement park. The name University of Kentucky alone brings in recruits and with his star power its just a marriage made in blue heaven.

There is no recruiting in the nba and u have to deal with free agency and salary caps. More than likely u won't have 5 all-stars on the court at the same time. In college on the other hand he could potentially have 5 all-americans playing for him at the same time.

Too many times coaches leave somewhere they are a perfect fit for what they see as a better oppurtunity, more money, or a new challenge. The coach then sees that they should have just stayed where they were at and quite possibly could have built a dynasty. Don't take my word for it though Mr. Calapari, just ask ur buddy about an hour west of you how well the jump back to the big boys went.

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