Joe was the greatest

by Mike V
(Tulsa, Ok)

Joe was the greatest QB ever, about that I have no doubt. He also threw the prettiest ball ever. He did guarantee a Jets victory in Super Bowl III but he never predicted the "exact final score" of the game. (I don't know where you got that?) More impressive than the made up story that he predicted the final score was the true story that he called every single Jets offensive play of the Super Bowl. What other QB ever did that? (To be exact he actually missed one play with an injured finger - a very minor point.) Namath is the only QB in history to lead his college team to a National Championship (1964) and to win a Super Bowl (1969). He is the ONLY QB on that list.

One more thing, he also wasn't traded to the Rams. He was waived by the Jets, which is a nice way of saying "cut by the Jets", because the Rams were not going to either: a.) pay him $450,000 a year or, b.) give up any players to get him. Joe had also made it clear that he would only play for the Rams which limited his options (if he had any) and his negotiating position.

Football was definitely a lot more fun when he was taking snaps and stylishly beating the "Evil Empire", AKA the Oakland Raiders, and the NFL's torchbearers, the pre-merger Baltimore Colts, with his brain and his arm.

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