Jim Delany is Big Ten's Problem

by ArrowJ

Never understood the reaction by the Big10 over the dominance of the SEC. The SEC will always have the edge due to the Big10 leadership at the Conference President level. Jim Delany is a nutball.

He does not think before he acts and talks down to other conferences. His Open Letter to the SEC in 2007 made all the boards and now the SEC just whips the BIG10 on a annual basis. The overall SEC record vs the BIG10 is in black and white but some chose to talk stupid anyway.

Today Alabama destroyed MSU and MSU (Miss St.) destroyed Michigan. Florida beats PSU who lost the game in the forth giving up 17 unanswered points. Total Dominance. Arkansas will also let OSU know they are in a Football game.

The SEC could win a Fifth Straight National Title. The following teams have won Titles from the SEC since the BCS was created:

Tennessee 1998
LSU 2003
*Florida 2006
*LSU 2007
*Florida 2008
*Alabama 2009
!*Auburn ? 2010
!*Alabama ? 2011 They will be loaded.

If Auburn wins that would mean FIVE (5) Teams from one conference has won a National Title. No other Conference has the same level of top ranked teams as does the SEC.

Never understood the Big10 lack of understanding.

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