Jim Delany has caused the Big 10 to lose respect.

(Marathon, Florida)

In early 2007 Jim Delany made a mistake that caused the entire football world to laugh at OSU. Now that is not right but Delaney is at fault.

The SEC has so much internal in-fighting that it would have slow the progress of the SEC. The Big 10 Commissioner decided to attack the SEC with an ill will letter to the SEC (Open Letter to the SEC).

All hell broke lose. Florida had just manhandled OSU and ole Jim Delaney was the glue that bonded the SEC. The attacks by the SEC fans after the letter was released were almost blood letting. Big 10 fans ran for cover and realized after 2007 season and another butt kicking at the hands of the LSU Tigers that the SEC was no fluke.

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I have no idea what provoked Delaney to help bond a conference to take up arms but he did just that. After LSU destroyed OSU the Tigers were chanting SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, SEC, over and over again. The message to the Big 10 and that idiot Delaney was heard around the world.

Rather than call him names the SEC fans now have a Delaney day and are praying he will write another letter. Go ahead Jim -- just put the SEC in the Catbird seat.

Editor's Note: I've got to agree with you that Big Ten Commish. Jim Delany has done much to stoke the Big Ten vs SEC rivalry. Not sure if he meant to, but, if not, he shouldn't have written the letter he wrote and posted it to the official Big Ten website.

Here's a link to the letter: Jim Delany letter to SEC.

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