It's all Good!

by Jim
(Central Ohio)

I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL, OK I am a Ohio State Buckeye fan, hard not to be growing up just a few miles from campus.

It's all Good, Loved watching the Wildcats beat LSU, I was rooting for the Gators to beat LSU and move up the polls and if the Bucks stay unbeaten maybe there would be a re-match but Gators are not holding up their end.

Who's better, who cares, any team can beat any other team any given day just pick your team and root for them and enjoy the game!!!

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Oct 14, 2007
Guess you are in a good mood today!
by: Mo

Thanks Jim for the comment. I haven't checked the new poll yet, but I assume Ohio State is #1 at the moment. I like that as it really stokes the fires of the SEC vs Big Ten debate -- reason is that most people know OSU is NOT the best team in America. They are #1 because they haven't played anyone yet. Unlike LSU who has already played several tough SEC games and finally lost one.

But, I don't mean to start a debate with you. I agree with your sentiments entirely. College football is, and should be, first and foremost, FUN!

So, when we debate who's #1, it is all in good-natured fun. At least is should be. In fact, I go out of my way to delete anything that isn't.

Really the debates over whose the best, just gives us all a reason to talk about the game we love.

I happen to really respect the Buckeye's for bouncing back this year after that tough loss to Florida last year. Tressel is a great coach to be able to do that.

But, you have to admit -- a Big Ten schedule is nothing like an SEC schedule.

Just admit it. :)


p.s. I mean anyone can beat anyone on any given Saturday in the SEC. That's just not the case in the Big Ten. We have a team in the SEC (Arkansas) that is winless in the conference. Lost on last minute scores to Bama, Kentucky, and Auburn. Yet, I bet they are at the level of a top-20 team. I'd love to see them play OSU or Michigan...would love that!

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