Instant replay, what a joke!!!!!!!

How is it possible to miss a call of that magnitude in the fourth quarter of a ball game with the help of instant replay?!?!? How many feet does a player need to have in bounds, the last time i checked it was ONLY ONE!

LSU's Peterson #7 had the ball in his position with two feet in play and still was able to drag his right toe. How in the hell could the SEC OFFICALS along with the replay offical miss that? Do they not have a television to watch; are they just GUESSING?!?

I am well aware of the fine Florida's coach received, WHAT A JOKE! Les Miles should rip the whole lot of y'all. The all mighty COMMISSIONER OF THE SEC SHOULD BE ASHAMED, and something needs to be done about the problem before the SEC, the best conference in football, becomes the LAUGHING STOCK for not getting it right.

Read more about this controversy at SEC Referee Bias.

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Nov 23, 2009
Refs Give it Back
by: Anonymous

The flags in the Ole Miss game was pure BS. If the SEC wants Bama, LSU and Gators to win everything, kick the rest out and go for it.

True, all are human and can make a bad call, but with reply, this proves it is fixed.

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