Inflated SEC Stats

by corey

a bunch of inflated stats on a site run by fans who constantly inflate thier sense of worth to the college football world.

look the sec other than alabamahas been historically average ok. the big ten, pac ten, and big 12 rule and have ruled the college football world for most of college football's existence.

now the sec is one of the best today but not THE conference can really claim that. and lets not go year to year ok...this year belonged to the big 12 and even though florida somehow got into the title game over utah and won that is inconsequential.

i mean is florida really the best team in the country? how would we know unless they played the ONLY undefeated team utah? we wouldnt...i mean you people crowned georgia the nat'l champs before the season even started and look how they failed...

then alabama was squeaking out wins and somehow maintained thier top seed only to be beaten in thier bowl game by a superior team. so get off your high horses and soap boxes and get back to reality sec fans.

i know usc and ohio state get unfair pre-season rankings but auburn, lsu, and alabama were all ranked too high this year pre-season and auburn and lsu were almost complete busts...all im saying is there are way too many "fans" of sec football that blindly proclaim (and usually in an arrogant and D-bag like fashion) sec the greatest when they have no clue about what they are talking about.

please sec fans i beg you, dont become fans like the pittsburgh steelers got, you guys can do better than that. with that im out

p.s. im a huge michigan and big ten fan and yes i do realize that they are not doing so great as of late...i do not hide behind the typical michigan fan fact of "all time winningest college football team" they have been around the longest so that is kind of a flawed stat.

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May 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I love how people act like they dont do the same thing sec fans are doing right now when their conference is hot. Right now the SEC IS the best conference in college football. Stop crying about the past and move on. what did make me laugh is to say that when Florida won it was "inconsequential". They F-ing won, deal with it. Hell last year two SEC teams play for the national title. The title games was basically an extra conference championship game because no other conference had a good enough team. My favorite headline on ESPN was when the SEC had the top three spots and it read,"SEC-ond to none."

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