Incorrect Stats of SEC vs Big10

by Kevin

The SEC leads the Big Ten with a 63-45-2 all-time record.

The SEC has a .582 winning percentage versus the Big Ten.

The real stats are: Big10 vs SEC 94-87-7 Big10 with a 519% against SEC.

You really need to not post if you're not going to post accurate information, turn the blind eyes to reality and stop giving the SEC they hype they really don't deserve.

Editor's Note -- Thanks for the comment Kevin. As explained numerous times on the site -- our numbers are based on historical conference stats. That means our numbers only include games actually played between SEC teams and Big Ten teams. Your numbers do not.

Your numbers (from college football data warehouse) include all match-ups between schools that currently are in the SEC and Big Ten. So, your numbers include games between these schools even before the SEC was formed in 1932. They also include games played by Penn State (for instance) before Penn State joined the Big Ten.

Again, our numbers are based on historical conference affiliation. We think this is the correct way to calculate the All-Time SEC vs Big Ten head to head record.

Certainly there is room for reasonable minds to disagree. Thanks for your comment.

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Dec 25, 2007
Let the numbers speak
by: Anonymous

You need to include all the PSU games and all the numbers of the teams currently in the Big 10 and SEC. I get tired of hearing how slow the Big Ten is and yet PSU is 5-2 against the SEC in their last 7 meetings. Michigan is 5-2 in their last 7 games as well.

Yes, OSU has choked in bowl games against the SEC, but there are 10 other teams in the Big Ten besides OSU. Are we looking at a team or the whole conference?

Didn't PSU beat TENN something like 42 to 14 back in the mid 1990s? Why didn't the media talk about TENN being too slow to compete with PSU. I think PSU is 3-0 versus TENN in bowl games aren't they?

Tennessee is considered one of the SEC's better teams isn't it?

Face it, the numbers do not support SEC dominance but a close competition with the Big Ten instead.

Jun 18, 2008
by: Mitch

We'll give you that the Big Ten is a good conference. But, their hay day has come and gone. Modern football is dominated by the SEC. Sorry; you just need to face it. The Big Ten has some very solid teams (Penn State, OSU, Michigan) but that is where it stops. The SEC has many solid teams (Ark, Tenn, LSU, UGA, UF, Auburn). It is not a knock on you that your conference is weaker. We just get tired of hearing "They should get a shot at the NC because they got through the Big Ten". My grandma could get through the Big Ten.

Apr 27, 2009
“My grandma could get through the Big Ten.”
by: Anonymous

How about you SEC crybabies come play a came in the Horseshoe? The last time an SEC team played in the shoe was in 1988 (LSU) and they got beat. Big Ten teams always have to play SEC teams in SEC country, switch it around and see what happens!

Sep 16, 2011
Indiana vs. SEC
by: Anonymous

Indiana has a winning record against SEC teams. And consider that Indiana team is equivilant to lets say... Vanderbilt or Kentucky of the SEC.

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