I'm a Huge Auburn Tigers Fan

by david
(Hueytown Al, USA)

hey guys my name is david im a huge auburn tiger fan i watch every game u play even if its not broadcasted on tv i go somewhere and watch it even if im broke but i know and i have faith in you guys that yall can turn this season around

yall just need to get your heads in the game play as a team. you have to keep confidence n yourselves that yall can win these games you cant let a loss get to you. yall guys are family play as a family block for each other

i have been dissappointed the past three games its not cause we lost either its because of the decisions that yall make. u have to back each other 100% all the way. chizik is the perfect coach for the job. look guys this season has been good u cant expect to win every game the first year with a new coach i mean look at saban he didnt but now look at him there #1 thats how we will be next year

just practice hard and physical and i promise you yall have a better season next year you guys are the greatest keep your heads high and be winners.

only losers keep their heads down but you guys are winners now lets take this team home boys get some rest and lets defeat are last standing opponents.

your biggest fan


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