Huh? USC Alone Has 11 National Titles

by Alex

How does the PAC 10 have ONLY 4 Titles? If this list does actually include only the National Champions from 1936 and on, USC should AT LEAST be credited with 8 (though they really have 11).

USC's 11 National titles


USC has also dominated the SEC throughout school history.

The SEC is not the best college football conference of all time. The SEC is by far in a way the MOST OVERRATED CONFERENCE I HAVE EVER SEEN!

All the SEC does is pick on bad out of conference opponents, then the winner of the conference (no matter what their record is) goes on to play a grossly overrated team in the Title game.

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Jul 07, 2009
SEC vs.
by: Gumbo 123

I do have to give it to USC and their gang of cohorts in the Pac10 for being the most domineering conference "back in the day". But, let's talk about recent history - -

What have you done lately?

Aug 20, 2009
USC does not have 11 National Championships
by: Homer Martin

In 1939 Texas A&M has a clear claim to the tittle and saying USC is the NC would be like saying Boise State won the NC in 2003.

2003 is also a non claim as the colleges and conferences had already agreed to play for the NC in the BCS format.

Dec 13, 2009
USC NC in 03
by: Anonymous

The only thing anybody agreed on was the BCS would TRY to get #1 vs #2. It's not a true national championship. It's still the coach's award. How you hicks can't understand that.

Apr 22, 2010
Got Crystal?
by: Anonymous

If anyone from the land of fruits and nut (the state formerly known as California) would like to see the national championship trophy from 03 it will be on display in Baton Rouge.

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