How To Make South Carolina Even Better

by Wyman Oxner
(Orangeburg, SC)

I know Spurrier is a great coach, but it is my opinion that he does not utilize his players to fulfill their maximum ability.

It drives me crazy that he only puts one runner in the backfield. I know Lattimore is great, but how much better would he be if Maddox was in the backfield with him? Garcia could fake handoffs to Lattimore and give it to Maddox instead. He could have Lattimore faking a run to the left and give it to Maddox going right. There would be much more misdirection available to the quarterback.

I also don't understand why he doesn't play Jeffreys and Gurly at the same time. Gurly is a great receiver! Think of the pressure that this would take off of Jeffreys and the pressure it would put on the defensive backs. This would not only make Jeffreys even more effective, but it would make the two backfield running backs more effective, as the defense would have to be guarding against the pass as much as the run.

A third thing that I would like to see is for Spurrier to put Stephon Gilmore in as the kick-off return man. He has proven in the past that he is really good at kick-off returns and he has great moves. I have seen him come close to breaking one several times and he almost always has a good return....much better than the others that Spurrier has been using.

I believe that Carolina could be even better and more dangerous if these changes were made.

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