How Many NC's Does USC Really Have?

by Tony

National Championship List

National Championship List

Everyone knows that USC has more than 4 national championships. Please avoid the false records. Update your so called facts. This just proves to show the denial of the SEC fan-atics that USC is hated along with much of the rest of the NCAA's conferences. Of course if LSU and USC tie for the national championship your going to obviously choose the SEC school according to your affiliation and bias.


Editor's Note: Tony -- thanks for the chart. I'm very curious where you got it. As our article states -- we picked the AP as the poll to rely on before the BCS. You really have to pick one poll so you don't have multiple schools winning the National Championship in any given year. The AP was traditionally recognized as the top poll, prior to the BCS.

The AP only started in 1936, so that's where we start our count.

And, I just confirmed that since '36, USC has 4 NC's. Check it out yourself at NCAA Sports.

Again, let us know where you got your chart and what it is basing its numbers on. Thanks.

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Dec 20, 2007
FYI...USC's Seasons Being No. 1
by: Tex /1st-N-Goal

I am neither pro-SEC or anti-Big 10 or vise versa. I'm for all of college foothall.

When my compilations have appeared on SEC site, it is show what was researched and compiled and released...The stats do the talking not any bias of my own.

As a StatHistorian, I consider every season and what transpires during it--how and what teams, players or coaches actually accomplished--while I have my favorite teams, my StatResearch shows total impartiality.

The "Official 2007 NCAA I Football Records Book" list National Champions, 1869-2006.

The above publication shows the Men of Troy being named in 14 seasons--13 when named by an actual selector's choice....and once a retroactive season.

In case you're not fimilar with the term is defined when a choice for a No.1 team is made in a season other than the current one.

Example: USC has been No. 1 in the records book in 1928-29-31-32-33-39-62*-67*-72*-74*-76-79R-2003-04...14 seasons.

*NCAA officially accepted seasons by AP, UPI, FWAA, NFFHF, USA TODAY (1936-2006).

R=Retroactive National Champion was named No. 1 by a respective selector in season other than 1979.

Feb 01, 2008
The AP is still the top poll
by: Jeffrey

Even after the BCS, the AP is still the #1 title given, outside of your typical SECer's world.

If you open the NCAA record book or turn to team media guides, you'll find a lot of info on the AP poll, very little on the coaches poll. It's rather silly to count the AP poll through 98 and the coaches after. Either count them both or be consistant.

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