Head To Head Bowl Record

by Jeff
(Tullahoma, TN)

Cool site with a bias towards the SEC but still has a lot of good info. I'm a big ten fan but I love all college football.

It seems a little strange to me how everyone has gotten caught up in the hoopla about how awesome the SEC is compared to everyone else. As with most things in college football it seems to have gotten blown way out of proportion.

Without a playoff system we live in a world dominated by opinions that leads us into a popularity contest that determines rankings and gives bowl births. Comparing how this team beat that team and how they ran up the score is a crazy way to determine who is the best.

If we consider the recent wild talk about how dominant the SEC is over the past few years I'll just offer one thing, in the past two years the SEC and Big Ten are batting .500 against each other. It's a stalemate. 6 games, 3 wins each.


Editor's Note: Jeff, good point. But, it is important to note that 2 of the 3 SEC wins were for National Championships. And, when you compare other stats -- like overall bowl record -- the SEC runs away with it -- over the past few years.

But, the Big Ten is a fine conference and worthy adversary. Without the SEC vs Big Ten rivalry college football would be much duller.

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Oct 21, 2013
Best team does not equal best conference
by: jcserson

Editor: Winning those two national championships against Ohio State only means that the SEC had the best team that year---as they've had for several years---not necessarily the best conference.

It almost seems as though SEC fans are equating great teams with great conferences. The fact remains that the SEC's bowl record against the B1G is nothing special, nowhere near the dominance they like to proclaim with puffed out chests.

SEC fans belittle one B1G's team or another wins against a "weak" conference schedule, yet when called upon to beat one of those teams in a bowl game, as often as not they can't do it.

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