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by Jason
(Wytheville, VA)

Finally someone who puts it in numbers, and the numbers don't lie. Naturally the Big 10 and ACC fans aren't very happy...because the numbers say their conferences aren't very good.

Everyone knows the SEC is the best conference in college football and anyone who says different clearly doesn't look at the NFL draft every year where more SEC players are taken than from any other conference.

Everyone in the media expected the ACC to be dominant when they added Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College (why everyone thought BC would be great is beyond me, they were always 4th, 5th, or 6th in the Big East) and those programs have gotten worse annually, except for BC.

Miami is no longer the Jimmy Johnson or Butch Davis Hurricanes and have been out-recruited by South Florida in recent years.

While Virginia Tech did manage to win a BCS game, they lost 4 games this year. And anytime your conference champ loses 4 games in a year, your conference isn't very good.

I think it's time everyone started looking at the BCS conferences in this order

1. SEC
2. Big 12
3. PAC 10
4. Big East
5. Big 10
6. ACC

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