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Football Weather

Football Weather

I am a Big Ten-OSU fan. Of course I take exception with many of your opinions....but you have made your case well. Two things that would help the Big 10:

1. We need to play the SEC teams on November. Our teams are built to play in the rain, sleet, snow and cold weather. We have more team speed than we used too but when it comes down to november you need to have a team that can get it done. Many of the schemes and game plans that the southern schools use would have to be adjusted to deal with the weather. I like our chances against any SEC team on a day like last saturday in Michigan. You can't really adjust to the weather if you don't have experience in it. Even the bucks had trouble right off the bat last saturday and most of our players grew up in it. By the time the SEC teams figured out the cleat situation it may be 21 nothing.

I realize the non-conference games are not going to be played in november very often (if ever). That being said I don't like our chances in extremely hot weather. Believe it or not though it does get hot up north. We just don't have 7 months of summer.

By the way, you all do know our weather is the REAL football weather. I know SEC fans are sick of this weather argument but you all know it's true. And yes, I realize we are not going to see bowl games played in Cleveland Stadium.

2. If we had a one or two more good teams that would help our situation. We don't like change in our tradition. I used to think adding Notre Dame was a good idea. Maybe would could get Appy State. We don't want to add a southern school because it would screw up the north/south thing. And we know what drives all this fun. A play-off would help also.

Ohio State could really help their situation right now if we could win another game. I guess we could also lose.

*one last thing that's not debatable- The deer hunting is better in Big Ten Country! Off to Hunt --
World Record Ohio Deer.

See anything like this running around down south?

Enjoy...the SEC is definitely a great conference.

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Nov 20, 2007
T-Shirt Eligible Post
by: Anonymous

Nice post Brian. Great picture, (the deer too). The SEC vs Big Ten debate is one of the joys of college football. Hopefully it will go on forever. I'm actually a bit disappointed at the moment as there isn't really a BCS controversy at the moment -- at least not involving a Big Ten team. But, there's still time. If enough teams lose, maybe Ohio State will get back in the running. They are hurt by the lack of a Big Ten Championship game.

Not sure if your post will be the top one this month -- maybe -- but, either way, if you want an SEC Sports Fan T-shirt -- just let me know. Of course, you have to wear it....


Nov 22, 2007
Best argument I've heard
by: Jim

I've argued against the weather excuse for years, but after watching Ohio State adjust to miserable conditions last weekend, I'm changing my tune. If Chris Wells can be that fast and powerful on wet turf, I don't think anyone, Dorsey included, can stop his punishing style. He has the ability to sidestep you or run you over.

We will never know how the best teams in football will play against one another in "normal" football conditions. I guess that is why we have blogs like this!

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