by Greg
(Redford, MI)

I am so sick and tired of SEC fan talking about how much better SEC FOOTBALL is than the BIG 10.

And how Michigan was going to get blown out by Florida. If you take the head to head record the Big Ten leads. If you take the record the last 10 years the Big Ten leads.

Heck, Michigan always beats the SEC. 25-5-1 life time, and 7-3 in bowl games. And if it wasn't for turnovers Michigan would of BLOWN OUT Florida. That game was no where near as close as the score was.

I still think the SEC is a great conference. Just not leaps and bounds better then every other one, especially not the BIG TEN.

I think the NC game will be a good one. Even if OSU wins it dosen't mean the Big 10 is better. Just like if LSU wins it dosen't prove the SEC is better.

They are both great conferences. The two best in my opion. And we should just leave it at that.

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Jan 03, 2008

Wow I didnt know Michigan was so impressive against the sec. Im a huge buckeye fan and im sure you know we are 0-8. Alot of which had to do with are former coach john cooper, which im sure you can attest to. Another thing is all those bowl games are home games for the sec. I mean i didnt see but 14 michigan fans at that game. You are right that game was a massacre.Thank you for doing what we couldnt do last year, SPIKING TEBOW ON HIS FAT OVERSIZED HEAD. Good luck greg, see you in late november.

Jan 09, 2008
blow out?
by: Anonymous

yes. and if the rockies hit more they'd be world series champs.

take the win. don't say "would have" or "if and"

you won.

Jan 13, 2008
To Anonymous from Go Blue writer.
by: Greg

Okay Anonymous, if that is your real name, are you a whiny Gator fan or just a whiny SEC fan in general. "SEC is the best, SEC is the best", Why?, because SEC fans say it is. Maybe your right, we should just take the win and leave it, but you see simply writing about Michigan beating a SEC team is nothing new. Michigan always beats the SEC.

Now I'm not knocking the SEC, I think it's a great Conference. But it's not the greatest just because all you SEC fan cry babies say it is. The Big Ten head to head leads the SEC period. And since the BCS started the Big Ten leads 14-13. Now that does not prove the Big Ten is better. I'm not saying it is. I'm just sick and tired of all you cry babies.

What team do you root for anonymous? I now your team doesn't have as many Wins or National Championships as my Team. Your team probably has a loosing record againest Michigan too. Wouldn't surprise me, especially if your team plays in the SEC.

Have a good one anonymous. And once again GO BLUE!!!

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