Get the family excited about SEC football !

by Sarah Ketser

There is nothing better than a crisp, fall Saturday, where there is a nip in the air and there is college football to be played. Over the last few years, there has been no other college football conference in the country that has been as consistently strong, top to bottom, as the Southeastern Conference. Whether you live nearby and can go attend the games in person, or just want to watch them together on the big screen TV, SEC football is a great way for families to bond together and enjoy excitement together!

Can't get to the game in person? Why let that stop you from having the full gameday experience? Plan your fall Saturday around SEC football. The morning of the game, get everybody appropriately dressed in your team's colors. There is nothing more instantly recognizable than the bright orange of the Tennessee Volunteers, the purple and gold of the LSU Tigers, or the deep crimson of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Once everybody is decked out, why stop there? Paint some faces! Dress up the family pets! Get a kids' jersey and put a couple of hems into it, and you can deck out the family dog too. Or, if Fido isn't into the clothing, the sheer amount of merchandise available for SEC teams now means you can find a collar for him or her with the school logo on it.

Once everybody is appropriately dressed and getting into the gameday spirit, then it's time to think about the element that no great college football experience is complete without: food! Why not tailgate right there in your driveway? Get the grill going, fill up the cooler, turn on some music, including the team fight song, or listen to the pregame broadcast, and talk about the game. Get a football out and throw it around while you wait to eat. Not only will the whole family want to get involved, but you might be surprised how many neighbors come over to join you as well.

If your kids are little and have a harder time paying attention to the game or understanding all the rules, think of fun things to watch for during the games. See who can spot the most blonde cheerleaders. See who can be the first to spot a shirtless male fan. Have the kids think of other things that are the same color as your team's colors. Above all else, have fun! Sing along and dance to the fight song. Every time your SEC favorite scores a touchdown, do a victory yell or dance. Have lots of small snacks and finger foods, and eat the number of them that is equal to how many points your team has scored. Get out some play microphones and have everyone take a turn providing play-by-play and color commentary on the game. Win or lose, this is a great chance for your family to just have fun!

SEC football offers up some up the most competitive games in the country, with some of the finest college athletes you will see. You can't help but be excited when you're watching a game. This fall, get your family amped about the SEC and you will find that you can't wait for Saturday every week. With any luck, you'll be cheering your team all the way through bowl season!

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