get over yourselves sec kool-aid drinkers

by chris

yeah yeah we ALL know the sec is better than the big 10, er, recently anyway. ohio st. played like crap and fla. smoked them... ohio st was the better team but obviously not that day.....

how is it the big 10 won the other 2 sec/big10 match ups? Ohio st has had little luck against the sec, so true but consider the sec/big 10 bowl match ups the past 5 years or so- what do you find? As mentioned i think the sec has been the superior conf. the past few years. Congrats, i guess now ohio st has never deserved any of their titles. Oh yeah louisiana monroe beats alab. at home... yeah that was a tough one on their tough tough schedule. funny how quickly les miles is ready to high tail it to the lowly big 10.

I happen to like Tenn. and Auburn. I even root for Michigan when not playing ohio st. SEC all the time and only the SEC. that's why when uk plays basketball the entire state acts like a bunch of nuts because it's uk's birth right to be national champs..

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