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I am an Ohio resident but as I watched the 1966 college football unfold it became obvious to anyone capable of critical thinking that a hoax was afoot. And then in November of 1966 (I'm straying a bit but bear with me please) number one and number two met in East Lansing, Michigan to find out who was "the real number 1".

With the score tied at ten, Notre Dame has the ball with roughly 1:20 remaining and the ball on their own 30 yard line Notre Dame sat on the ball and ran the clock out. They played not to lose, something abhorrent to any SEC coach I've ever known.

Venting over.

Which conference was the first to expand to twelve teams?

Which conference was the first to initiate a conference championship game?

Which conference negotiated the most lucrative television contract for its members?

The correct answer to all three is the SEC! The weather in the Big Ten area has always been the same and has nothing to do with a short season.

Hell, the High School football teams in Ohio play a longer season than the Buckeyes do by a factor of two weeks when you factor in playoffs. I believe one of the reasons has to be the Michigan/Ohio State game and its aura.

And, I just took a peek at some of the replies below, wow!

Over the past fifty (50) years the Big Ten has a 54-66 record against the SEC, and only two Big Ten teams have winning records against the SEC.

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