Florida - Michigan Capital One Bowl

"The Florida - Michigan game should be a blow-out for Florida. I think we all agree on that. That will bring the 5 year record even at 8-8."

Well your way wrong on that 1.

Michigan Flordia

Total Yards 524 399
Passing 373 169
Rushing 151 230
Penalties 8-65 9-49
3rd Down Conversions10-15 2-11
4th Down Conversions0-0 2-4
Turnovers 4 0
Possession 32:18 27:42
1st Downs 28 18

And to think Michigan only had 91 total yards against the Buckeyes. Also yes I'm a OSU fan but i was cheering on Michigan to win to show everyone that the Big Ten is better than what they think. Maybe Flordia should play against Appalachian state.

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I guess you were a little premature about the Florida Michigan blow out in favor of Florida. I mean, Michigan loses the turnover battle 4-0 and wins. You were very lucky that it wasn't a Michigan BlowOUT.


Florida Blow out over Michigan? What medication are you taking?


4 turnovers kept Florida in the game v. Michigan. Michigan left no doubt they were the more balanced team today. Living in Atlanta, I'm tired of hearing how the Big Ten sucks. The Wisconsin/Tennessee game was a toss-up; Michigan and Florida was evenly matched; and it would not surprise me a bit if Ohio State is able to win in New Orleans.


Guess that is why they play the game!!!!

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Jan 01, 2008
Time to Eat a Bit of Crow
by: Mo Johnson

Wow -- What an outpouring of comments from Big Ten fans about our WRONG prediction that Florida would easily beat Michigan in today's Capital One Bowl. We were obviously way off. You can't get them all right, that's for sure.

Good for Michigan and Lloyd Carr (his last game). Both the team and coach showed a lot of character fighting through a tough year and ending with an impressive win. Michigan had a lot of talent this year. Too bad (for Wolverine fans) they inexplicably started off the season so bad.

Anyway, thanks for all the updates. Some of you updated us even during the game to let us know that our prediction was in jeopardy. Indeed it was.

But, the big one is still to come. LSU vs OSU in the NC game. Hope we are right on that one. Otherwise, gonna be a crow feast after that game....

All the best,


Jan 02, 2008
SEC Speed?
by: Anonymous

As an Ohio State fan, I always root for the Big 10 in the Bowls accept for michigan. However, after hearing a year's worth of SEC "superiority" talk, I had to do the unthinkable and root for michigan. I gotta tell ya, I enjoyed every bit of it. I live in Florida and I watched the game with Gator fans. They just couldn't believe that it was possible that a Big 10 team could even hang with them or much more beat them, even when in reality, it should have been a blow-out. Bottom line is, kids can run in Ohio, Michigan, and any other state. Speed, believe it or not isn't specific to one geographic area or another. Just ask Arkansas or SEC runner-up Tennesee who almost lost to the Big-10's fourth best team. Football is football, who ever Shows Up on game day, usually wins. Ohio State didn't show up last year but that's the past. Kind of like when Florida played "slow" Nebraska for the championship, thats in the past.

Jan 30, 2008
michigan is the best
by: Anonymous

yeah hate to break it to you, but michigan is 7-3 against the sec in bowl games, were not osu with their 0-9, ive decided its not the big ten that sucks, its just osu, feel free to beat them anyday, everyone in ann arbor will be glad to see it

Apr 27, 2009
"michigan is the best"
by: Anonymous

Big Ten fans gotta stick together! I am a hardcore Ohio State fan and we all know how we feel about Michigan. However, I will always root for Michigan in non-conference games. I would be stupid not to. It only makes the conference look stronger. Michigan fans rooting against OSU in BCS games are stupid! It only makes Michigan look worse when OSU beats Michigan and then gets spanked by Florida and LSU.

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