Everyone's a Gator at Heart

by Joel Christian

Once a Gator,... ALWAYS a Gator ("OAG-AAG")!
Trust me, Chizik is no Feline, nor War Seagull.
He bleeds - to quote Will Muschamp himself - the CORRECT Orange & Blue.

Had Foley offered the UF job to him, he'd be the Head Ball Coach in Gatortown right now!

That said, I'm uber-pleased with Muschamp's selection, who was weaned on the ADDICTIVE Gator Chomp (thus the "OAG-AAG" law) within a dozen blocks of "The Swamp" during 10 of his formative years!!! I believe from ages 4-14, approximately.

Congratulations are in order, though, to Auburn, Chizik and Newton (another Gator AT HEART!).



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