Eliminate Goose Egg Worship

by Robert Kirby
(Dahlonega, Ga)

Ok, you're making this more complicated, more difficult than necessary. Here's the deal y'all. Completely eliminate goose egg (right side of W/L record) worship. Take it out of the polls and computers.

Everyone starts out with one loss. You first look at schedule, then margin of victory (cut it off at 20 average), then W-L record. Teams can "run the table", the bed, the kitchen counter, whatever they can, but being undefeated will far from stand alone to qualify a squad for a title game. That is ridiculously foolish and unjust.

How could a team play one team in the top 25 (e.g. Boise St) and no one else in the top 50 and deserve to be in a title game? The same to a lesser degree with Cincinnati and TCU. These teams' schedules don't qualify them for the top 10.

Iowa plays in the fourth best conference and a division II schedule outside that. Should they not be grateful to attend any BCS Bowl (if they beat OSU)? Possibly politically correctness in action? Oregon and LSU should be ahead of all four of those teams.

As long as there's goose egg worship, more deserving teams will always get screwed in the polls and in the bowls.

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