Easy Argument: Oklahoma Sooners Clearly Best College Football Program of All Time!

by The goat
(Dallas, TX)

Your conclusions are flawed!

The facts, as laid out by you, clearly show that OU is the greatest college football program of all-time!

1) Only OU, Notre Dame and Alabama have won a NC in 4 different decades since 1936. (The established date to determine a "modern era").

2)Notre Dame has NO NC's in the BCS era and 5 of the 8 they "claim" are disputed, with the AP and Coaches polls crowning different champions. No other team has more than 1 disputed NC. THIS ALONE DISQUALIFIES NOTRE DAME!!!

3) Leaving OU and Alabama as the teams with the most NC's...7 ea. Both with 1 in the BCS era and both with titles in 4 different decades.

4) As for strength of conference, when including the SWC, Big 6, Big 8 and Big 12...there is no argument! Since 1936, the Big 12 crushes the SEC in Bowl games, victories, NC's, etc...

This is an extremely easy argument...clearly the greatest college football program of all-time is the University of Oklahoma...Boomer Sooner!

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