Do the SEC vs Big Ten Math.

by Jamison
(South Carolina)

If Wikipedia is correct in their research, since the introducion of the BCS in 1998 the Big Ten has 15 BCS bowl appearances compared to the SEC who only has 13. I don't understand how SEC fans can claim their conference is dominant or stronger than the Big Ten.

Here is another interesting site.
According to the College Football Data Warehouse the Big Ten has an all time record of 94 wins, 87 losses and 7 ties against the "mighty" SEC.

Is there really a debate over who is the better conference? I think the numbers speak for themselves.

Editor's Note: Jamison -- thanks for your comment. Truly -- I always appreciate when someone actually does research and posts here. You make good points. However, as discussed in other places on the site, the stats you cite are not based on historical conference affiliation. They include all games played between current members of each conference. these games include games played even before there was an SEC. Of course, prior to the SEC's formation in 1932, Big Ten schools were dominant and racked up many wins against schools that later became part of the SEC. Your stats also count games played by Penn State before they joined the Big Ten, etc.

Anyway, lots of different ways to look at the numbers for sure. The truth is that both conferences are great football conferences, and have a great rivalry -- that we all enjoy. College football would not be nearly as fun without the SEC vs Big Ten rivalry.

Of course, at SEC Sports Fan -- we believe the SEC is the best football conference -- especially in recent years. But, your BCS bowl appearance numbers even challenge that. I can go on and on with various numbers -- but clearly, the SEC has become the top college football conference -- over all. Well, it seems obvious to me anyway. Thanks again for your comments.

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Jan 10, 2011
Check this out
by: Anonymous

Here is another spot.

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